The smartest way to care for your diabetes patients.

Improve your patient outcomes, boost patient satisfaction and extend your clinics services and offerings to their homes. Utu for Clinics allows health facilities to offer proactive, continuous care to patients inside and outside of the facility.

Utu for clinics is currently in private beta.
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Utu Care
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Expand and extend your services.

Leverage technology to provide smart and automated real-time care to your diabetic patients wherever they are, and monitor their progress between visits.

  • Go beyond glucose monitoring

    Empower your patients to be more proactive with interactive planning & forecasting tools

  • Assess risk of complications

    Built in pattern recognition to catch complications before they happen

  • Monitor disease progression

    Supplement clinical data with built in risk assessments for cognitive & neurological function, vision tests, and more

  • Personalized Meal Plans

    Give your patients the tools to eat right for their personal nutrition needs, with proven meal recommendations

  • Stay in the loop

    Monitor your patients' progress with real-time notifications about their health

  • Find what works

    Immediate access to thousands of patient intervention responses to make the best decisions

Straightforward pricing, improved care

Whether you’re a small diabetes clinic or a large hospital with thousands of patients, Utu’s services are easy to use at your facility.

Utu Care for Clinics

From $360.00 / patient

  • AI-powered predictions and risk analysis
  • Unlimited disease progression evaluations
  • Comprehensive dashboard for patient care
  • Ability to reach patients outside of the clinic
  • Supportive tools for meal plan generation
  • Easy data tracking & management
  • Private, encrypted data storage
  • 24/7 support