Diabetes control with the most comprehensive personal assistant

Utu learns from you and others like you to predict how your body's glucose will respond throughout the day. You'll get actionable insights to improve your health and alerts if something looks wrong.

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Utu Care
Daily Average blood glucose

Personalized features for better care.

Utu is built for individuals with diabetes who care about their health and want to use data to better manage their condition. All 100% private. Own your data, own your health.

Utu Care
Proactive Glucose Forecasting
Get proactive with your blood glucose by asking "what if" questions.

Go beyond glucose monitoring

Proactively manage and simulate my body's responses before they happen. For example: "How would my body respond to eating a double chocolate chip cookie?"

Utu Care
Risk of Complications
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Risk of DKA

There is an increased risk of Diabetic KetoAcidosis over the next 48 hours.

Improved Cognitive Function

Overall memory and response times have improved by 3% and 8% respectively.

Risk of Hypoglycemia

Recent trends show an increased risk for hypoglycemia.

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Assess risk of complications

Get ahead-of-time predictions and alerts when you're at high risk for complications like hyperglycemia, DKA, or diabetic retinopathy.

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How you are progressing
05 June 2023
User Profile
4.9 mmol/L
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Blood Pressure
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Response Times (Cognitive)
0.88 secs
User Profile
Memory (Cognitive)
6.6 items
User Profile
Foot Health
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Eye Health
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Kidney Health
User Profile
140.00 lb

Monitor disease progression

Monitor the progression of your condition with built-in tests, including the health of your eyes, kidneys, heart, and nervous system.

Utu Care
This week's meals
$34.28 per share


Plain Greek yogurt1 cup
Boiled eggs1
Wallnuts2 Spoons


Berries & Spinach salad1 serving


Brown rice with Chicken1 serving
Refresh Meals

Personalized meal plans

Healthy, nutritious food is critical for glucose management and optimal health outcomes. Utu lets you generate meal plans based on what nutrients your body needs and how your body reacts.

Your health is important.

Get personalized care at any stage. Whether you're  pre-diabetic, newly diagnosed, or a diabetic veteran, Utu will be your new favorite health assistant.

  • Connect with others

    You should never feel alone on your care journey. Utu's community is designed for you to learn from others and share what matters to you.

  • Share information with your doctor

    Give your doctor insights into what is happening between visits so that they can see the full picture when making health decisions for you.

  • Control your data, forever

    Your data is your data. Utu runs on your phone, meaning you keep your data and get to share it with whoever you want.

Let's build your tools together.

Join our community to contribute to the future of diabetes care technology. You'll get access to our beta platform and will join an awesome group of people to create a high-quality experience for others.

A commitment to quality, without the high costs.

We're committed to your health. Our simple pricing allows you access to all of Utu's features on a monthly or yearly subscription plan.

Utu Care Services

$9.95 / month

$0.00 If you qualify as a low income household.

  • AI-powered predictions and risk analysis
  • Unlimited disease progression evaluations
  • Customizable, automatic meal plan generation
  • Easy data tracking & management
  • Data sharing and integrations with your doctor
  • Private, encrypted data storage
  • 24/7 support

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • I am a diabetic. How can I start using Utu now?

      We are currently in closed beta, as we try to validate our ideas and perfect our algorithms. To get early access and help define the direction of the project, please register for your invitation above.

    • I am a healthcare provider. How can I access Utu?

      Yes! Our tool for providers - Utu Clinical - will give you access to rich data and allow you to extend care beyond your office.

    • I represent an insurance company. Can we give our patients Utu?

      We'd love that! You'll benefit from decreased spend on care. Contact us for access to a bulk subscription for your clients.

    • How do your predictions work?

      We build state-of-the-art algorithms for decision support by leveraging data and expert knowledge. We work with health experts and technologists to test and evaluate the models before using them.

    • How do you learn from others to give me predictions?

      The power of Utu is in the network of users. We're able to learn from one person's data in a privacy-preserving way and leverage those algorithms to provide predictions for another, similar person.

    • What do you mean my data is private?

      Your data lives directly on your phone. We don't have access to it unless you want us to store a copy for backup purposes. And even if we do have access. we never sell your data. This will be true forever.

    • Can I use Utu through my clinic?

      Yes you can. If your clinic is subscribed to the Utu Care platform, you can get access for free. Contact your clinic to see if they are enrolled with Utu Care.

    • Can I connect my CGM?

      Right now we don't have a way for you to connect your CGM. If this is something you would like to see - shoot us an email!

    • Where can I give you feedback?

      If you are already using the Utu app or platform, you can give feedback there directly. If you'd like to contact us outside of the app, you can email us here.